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Summer Camp

Now registering for Wynn Kids `R` Kids 2012 Summer Camp:

Camp Tremendous Time Travelers!

Get ready for a summer of fun while campers learn and strengthen positive character traits! Not only will campers become familiar with famous people who were exemplary in one or more character traits, but they will also have the opportunity to build these traits into their own lives through special activities and projects.

Time—The Past

Let's climb into our phenomenal time machine
And see amazing sights like we've never seen!
We'll travel back into the mysterious past.
Hang on, Time Travelers, 'cause we're moving fast!

The Prehistoric Era

Brrrrrr! Brrrrrr! Brrrrrr! It's cold, cold, cold!
We're in the Ice Age, and what sights we behold!
Let's move to the time when dinosaurs rambled.                                      

Uh oh, there's a T. Rex—we'd better scramble!

Ancient Civilization

Ancient civilizations and treasures unknown,
We'll see the Greek ruins and great Egyptian stones.
The Olympic Games will have us ready to run,
So come along with us and have some fun!

The Explorers

Take a trip back in time among castles and knights,
Medieval music, and Renaissance sights!
Then, buckle up and get ready for more:
The New World is waiting—it's time to explore!

Moving West

Hold onto your hat! Giddy up! Gallop down!
'Cause Western weeks are coming to town!
Our rootin-tootin time machine takes us west
To learn what cowboys and cowgirls did best.

The Future

Buckle up as we travel to future days!
Let's explore robotics and mysterious ways.
We'll fly in cars and be at home on the moon.
Beam me up now! The future is coming soon!

Preschool thru 12 years old Full-Day Program Now Registering For Summer Camp

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